When your company’s final product ends up taking anywhere from twelve to NINETY hours to render per frame, you’ve got to give yourself a long lead time and Pixar is just such a company. This is why we already know that November 27th will be the date in 2013 that Pixar chooses to unleash their follow-up to Monsters University and Brave. The date comes with no word on a title or story, except for the fact that it’s not a sequel or an adaptation.

Pixar’s gotten a touch of heat lately for having such a pre/sequel packed slate as Cars 2 is about to follow Toy Story 3, and after a jaunt back into the original with Brave on June 22nd of next year, the studio will churn out their first prequel with Monsters University on June 21st, 2013. This new untitled original project will hit a more fall/prestige season date in November, and will seal a pattern of ¬†an original film following a sequel.

In reference to that factoid that started the article, I’d point you toward this cool CNET article about the software and graphics tech behind Pixar’s latest, Cars 2. If that number sound awfully huge, know that films like LOTR: Two Towers and Transformers 2 have all broken records in the past for average-SFX-shot-render-times with numbers in the high-30s, low-40s (I believe). Still, the amount of things being processed in any given Cars 2 frame is staggering, and any image requiring +90 hours to render is kind of mind-blowing.It’s fun stuff to read about, and it’s made even more special because you’re jerking off to technology porn that is typically used in service of great storytelling, rather than the empty cinematic calories of a Transformers featurette or whatever.

I’m sure a title or project details will come out for this project sooner rather than later. Pete Doctor, who directed UP, has vaguely alluded to a project (possibly involving dinosaurs?) he’s been working on and moving to storyboard, so there’s some speculation that this is that. I’m not even going to allow myself to start considering the possibility of a full-on Pixar dinosaur film, as I didn’t come to work with three pairs of pants in which to shit. When we know, you’ll know.

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