Shadows of the Damned, the latest game from the insane mind of Suda51 (No More Heroes, Killer 7), hits stores tomorrow. Suda51 is very well known and loved for his unique games that unfortunately play like crap, so it’s good that he collaborated on this game with Shinji MikamiĀ  of the Resident Evil series, whose influence can clearly be seen in the combat system. You play as Garcia Hotspur, a bad-ass demon hunter who ventures into Hell to find his true love Angel. He’s aided by Johnson, a demon skull that can transform into weapon and items to aid him on his path.

It plays great and Johnson turns into a bunch of fun weapons so you can dispatch the many different kinds of undead enemies. Plus, the trippy, dark visuals are highlighted by an absolutely amazing and varied soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka, composer of the Silent Hill franchise (as well as No More Heroes 2).

Add in a whole ton of Grindhouse influence, more silly humor than you can shake your Johnson at, and a Mexican dia de los muertos favor and you’re really got a special game that unfortunately seems to be coming in under the radar.

Here’s the launch trailer-

Full review coming soon, but really- don’t miss this one.