What needed a sequel even less than anything Eddie Murphy’s done in the last ten years? How about Basic Instinct?

Sharon Stone will return to the role that made her famous (and infamous), the icepick-wielding, beaver-baring seductress Catherine Tramell, for the needless follow up that finds her playing mind games with a Scotland Yard shrink. Michael Douglas wisely opted to stay home and play with his Zeta.

The sequel has been harder to assemble than Stone’s current ghastly visage, spending years caught in legal entanglements and a revolving list of director and leading man attachments (including David Cronenberg, Lee Tamahori and John McTiernan, with Robert Downey Jr. and Kurt Russell among the potential male victims).

At any rate, Basic Instinct 2 arrives at the end of March and is unlikely to break Stone’s decade-long streak of unwatchable movies. Numerous images of the sequel’s sandblasted and Pilates-prepped Stone, looking a bit more like Jerry Hall than a worthy object of obsession, can be found HERE.