Want something different? How about an anime remade into a live-action film by Mexicans? Like sushi with salsa! Or a skirt-wearing schoolgirl with a sombrero! Either way, delicious.

Directing team Jorge and Javier Aguilera, who are known collectively (and Orwellianly) as “Big Brother”, will helm a live-action remake of the Japanese anime Kite. The story follows a college girl who happens to also be a remarkably efficient vigilante. Though she’s discreetly doing "wet work" for the guardian who trained her, she’s also trying to learn the truth about her slain parents. 

The remake will apparently be set in a near-future where “a police state has arisen in response to perceived threats of terrorism”, making Big Brother’s involvement seem that much more appropriate.

The movie is produced by Rob Cohen, who was long attached as the project’s director. But ever since his Stealth had all the box office impact of a blind soul singer plowing into a mountain, his EXTREME filmmaking has taken the hit – his big budget Sinbad movie with Keanu Reeves has been put on the shelf with the Harryhausen artifacts.