I’ve spent most of the day putting together the CHUD Friday Wrap-up Video that’s focused on Green Lantern, which is of course the big story of the week. With a budget and marketing total that some estimate in the neighborhood of $300m (though that might be a bit inflated for the sensation), it’s obvious this was an expensive production with a capital E. Despite growing optimism as the campaign’s gone on, things have bottomed out with the shoddy reviews. From where I sit it’s kind of taking a beating that Thor should have gotten, but there’s not a lot to go out and defend either. Nick and I hashed all of that out.

So with a ton of screens, 3D, huge promotion, bad reviews, kid-friendliness, and an untested character, how will things settle out? The midnight numbers were decent and non-geeks seem to like it, so it will likely land a bit north of X-Men and a bit south of Thor. The Super 8 hold will be interesting, and one hopes it can defend against Penguins. I do feel like the Carrey vehicle will do a bit better than the tracking has indicated though.

Keeping it simple, so let’s get to it.


Green Lantern ….. $56,000,000
Super 8 ….. $19,000,000
Popper’s Penguins ….. $17,000,000

X-Men: First Class ….. $12,500,000
Kung Fu Panda ….. $10,500,000

Come back Sunday to wonder what the fuck I was thinking with me.

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