Abel Ferrara’s early 90s crime flick King of New York is a great, nasty little slice that not only features Christopher Walken at his finest (“I never killed anybody who didn’t deserve it”) but also early appearances by a number of now-familiar faces: David Caruso, Laurence (then Larry) Fishburne, Harold Perrineau, Steve Buscemi, Giancarlo Esposito, Wesley Snipes, and that guy from Frankenhooker.

Ferrara is turning back the hands of time for the prequel The Last Crew (which is obviously a fallacious title) to tell of mobster Frank White’s ascent to underworld boss, detailing his early murders and connection to the White House. Harvey Keitel will likely also be involved, because he usually is.

The Walken-free flick will be set in the super groovy 70s and will likely go straight to DVD, considering even the equally unnecessary Carlito’s Way prequel couldn’t get a theatrical release. Now how about some sort of pseudo-sequel to Ms. 45?