Bastion of movie journalism Moviefone has landed the poster for Warrior, the extreme fighting film starring the excellent Tom Hardy and delightful Joel Edgerton. It features ripped abs! Sweaty men! Fearsome glances. Basically all worst parts of the bible.

Hilariously the big selling point is that it’s the latest film from the director of Miracle. The uplifting hockey movie with Kurt Russell’s worst hair. That’s enough to make me run, but luckily I’ve heard the film is good and I’d watch these two actors punch each other and love each other all day. These two guys are amazing, and if you think Edgerton’s just some fellow who played Uncle Ben in the shate prequels you obviously haven’t seen Animal Kingdom.

I’ve seen this poster hanging in theaters for some time, but it’s nice to be able to gaze upon the sweet sensuality of these two men at home in front of my computer.

Sweet sensuality. Speaking of… NOLTE.

Oh, here’s the trailer: