So many Sundays have passed without some massive Man of Steel news!  The silence was just beginning to be suspicious.  Was someone big about to walk off the project?

No.  They were just trying to get a hold of Russell Crowe, whose penchant for Twitter probably makes him a tricky man to ring up.

According to Variety’s Showblitz, Crowe is in talks to play Jor-El.  It’s a surprising choice, but when Kevin Costner is Pa Kent, it raises the paternal bar a bit, doesn’t it? Crowe has declined a few comic book movies over the years. How very Brandoesque of him to take on an iconic, cameo type of role in one.

Interestingly, Latino Review reported today that Connie Nielsen has been offered the part of Lara.    That could explain Crowe’s interest, though I wonder why Zack Snyder wants Krypton to host a Gladiator reunion.  What we do in life echoes in eternity and interstellar space! Can they get Joaquin Phoenix to play one of the Krypton doubters, and work in a “I will clutch them to my bosom?” I hope so.

Latino Review also reports Harry Lennix has been offered a role, but no one knows what it is at this time.