casIf they’re right – and it sounds like they might be – JoBlo has broken a major scoop about James Cameron’s next film, known until now only as Project 880. People have assumed that the movie is his adaptation of Battle Angel Alita, but it looks like it might actually be a much older script resurrected – Avatar.

Avatar was supposed to be his follow-up to Titanic, and it was to feature a cast of dozens of CGI characters – a major feat in 1997. It’s a touch ho-hum these days. Of course if Cameron is doing it, it must mean he’s figured out some angle to make the movie the next generation of special effects. The guy couldn’t make a small film if you put a gun to his head. He also couldn’t write a decent line of dialogue in that same scenario.

But who cares about the dialogue in a Cameron film? They’re spectacle, and the kind of spectacle that seems to convince people that they’re smart. If the early reports on his 200 page Avatar scriptment are correct (I never read it), the movie is a love story set against an interplanetary war where no one is human. The titular Avatar isn’t a computer thing, like the little picture you have next to your name on our message board, but something genetically engineered.

Look for more information on this in the days to come. If JoBlo is right, Cameron is casting right now, and filming will start this spring. For more info and to see what led the site to come to these conclusions, click here.