Once again the mightiest sites on the internets join forces to bring
you exciting film news – in this case a number of posters for the new
film Brick, a teenage noir that sounds a little bit like Veronica Mars to me. I haven’t seen that show, but I hear it’s good, so being a little bit like Veronica Mars could very well be a great thing.

It stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who I last saw leaving behind his teeny-bopper quite convincingly in Gregg Araki’s Mysterious Skin, which could have also been called My Own Private Shampoo Bottle Beating and Rape.

impressive is that director Rian Johnson gets the film sold with his
name. This is impressive because his previous directing experience was Evil Demon Golfball From Hell!!!, and the other movie he worked on was May, as an editor.

For the other posters in the series, which I assume will highlight other characters in the film, visit our sexy partner sites:

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