’s nice to see that Jason Statham is sticking with what he does best. Too many actors look to break out of the genres the Lord God intended them to play in, trying to make serious pictures with serious meanings. But not Statham – he knows we’re coming to the cinema expecting to see him hurt people.

He’s going to next be starring in Rogue, once again alongside Jet Li (a guy who wants to make serious films, but seems OK to try to just make ass-kicking movies with some serious thematic elements) – they had previously worked together on The One. What’s the plot? Who knows, not even the filmmakers. All that’s important is the question: is this movie going to see Statham and Li team up to fight evil, or will they square off. It turns out that Li and Statham will be going at it, in what is sure to be the biggest East meets West fight since Chuck Norris duked it out with Bruce Lee. By the way, that Chuck Norris facts site isn’t funny.

Some music video director will be helming the film, but who cares about that? The important name is Corey Yuen, who will be directing the fighting.