I’m excited for The Place Beyond the Pines. Remember how much I gushed over it, begged for it, demanded it be made tomorrow so I had something new to live for?

Probably not. That’s ok, you have a life. Anyway,  Pines has doubled the interesting factor by adding actresses. Good ones.

According to Deadline, Greta Gerwig and Eva Mendes are both in talks to join the “multi-generational crime drama” as the wives of the tragedy. Gerwig will play Cooper’s wife, and lest you think it will be thankless, Deadline reveals that Cooper plays a cop-turned-politician, so her character is promised a good arc in the public sector.

Mendes plays the pregnant wife of Gosling’s motorcycle rider-turned- robber, so she will probably yell and cry a lot, and hold his screaming baby up to his face to shame him.  I hope she gets more to do than that — sells him out to the cops? — because I like her and she deserves a nice, complicated role.

I really can’t wait for this one. Would now be a good time to admit I’m slightly disappointed in the politician angle? I wanted Cooper’s cop to just climb the ranks, becoming ever more suspicious and bitter on the streets. Who wants to bet this is a story where the roles reverse, and the cop becomes the corrupt criminal, and the robber becomes the good guy?