The casting mill wheel keeps on churning and turning, and Django Unchained has gained a new name.

According to Showbiz 411, Jamie Foxx is now the top contender for Quentin Tarantino’s latest.   Obviously, this remains rumor, and there’s no indication any official talks have taken place.

Still, if names are still being tossed around (even in unofficial, wist list capacity) that undoubtedly means Will Smith has passed.  That’s too bad, because I think Smith needs to reinvent himself a bit. He’s getting older. He can’t keep doing family friendly action roles forever.

But one could say the same for Foxx.  Wouldn’t it be great to remember why he once won an Oscar?  I think he could chew this up and spit it out if he wanted.

411 also claims DiCaprio has officially signed, and will be the sleazy white slave owner.  Look elsewhere for your dreams of an older, statelier Col. Sanders lookalike.