Despite being the recipient of many of the productions that have bled out of California, residents of Georgia and Atlanta aren’t quite used to seeing motion picture crews all around yet. You could feel a buzz begin to build as Walking Dead began their filming in the last few weeks, and now there are daily news stories Facebook posts about the latest place to get overrun, or the latest highway to get shut down.

I’ve already had friends text me pictures from sets they’ve run across or filming they’ve witnessed, so I thought it would be fun to bring you a quick collection of some of it. The Walking Dead is sure to be a wildly popular show again this fall, so I expect a number of you are interested in the behind-the-scenes goings on. There’s also a bit of fun to seeing people react so wide-eyed to production crews and zombie hordes.

First up are two photos that are simple, but already bring to mind the familiar look of the show, which is to say Atlanta all fucked up.

These two taken by Amy Fincher.

There are also some photos of shooting that took place near the show’s stand-in for the CDC, the Cobb Energy Center (which blew up in spectacularly silly fashion at the end of last season), and you can see some mayhem and maybe even the set-up for more kiddy zombies.

There’s also a little bit of video of some fun zombie horde action, as they try and take down the RV you know so well.

And finally here’s a news story that picked the best and brightest to ask just why they came to loiter near all the pretty lights and zombie extras. It’s a cute outside look at the excitement that builds around this kind of thing, and gives you and idea of the tone in¬†Atlanta¬†currently.

There’s plenty more shooting to be done, so perhaps I’ll make it out there to grab you a few shots myself sometime soon.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the new promo shots that AMC has released below. The show should be making another Halloween debut this year, and I expect to huge numbers. I also expect we here at CHUD will be keeping up with them once again, maybe even trying to catch all the out-of-focus chewers in the background…

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