It’s snowing again today.

I can honestly say this winter has pissed me off more than any other in recent memory.

Maybe it is the fact that I was in the middle of shooting my latest film and the giant ice storm came and destroyed the park we were shooting in before we could finish shooting there. We could have changed locations, but the makeup guy I had hired had already packed up and moved on to New Orleans for a bigger, better paying gig. We had all the zombie footage shot, it was the rest of the stuff we needed to finish.  Now the park was destroyed.

Maybe it was because when the ice storm started that Saturday night, we didn’t realize that we only had less than 24 hours left to enjoy our electricity. Then late Sunday night it would be gone.  No lights, no power, no hot water until sometime Thursday. They got hotels and the Wal Mart back up pretty quick, but the hotels filled up real quick. See, 500,000 people in Oklahoma had no electricity.  Some still don’t over a month later…

Now it is snowing again. This is better because it is still 25 degrees outside and it ain’t gonna freeze and bring down the power lines again.

But it does remind me how much I hate the weather this winter and everything it has done to screw things up..

But I can only blame myself.

My zombie movie is called WWZJD. What should I have expected?