Just the other day I told someone there wasn’t really anything I was interested in seeing theatrically until V for Vendetta and Slither, but I think I’ll retract that statement…

After Equilibrium, Kurt Wimmer promised he’d be taking his action sequences to the next level, and I guess he wasn’t messing around — his latest sci-fi undertaking Ultraviolet looks like it has some serious ballistic madness and kung fu lunacy going on. In fact, the insane action sequences almost seem to be the entire focus of the film’s marketing campaign. Fine with me.

The futuristic flick finds the fit Milla Jovovich still in Resident Evil mode as a superhuman babe in the middle of a civil war between humanity and infected vampire-like beings. It’s apparently the kind of future that has crazy shit like armored dudes rolling around all Metroid-like, and people driving up walls on motorcycles, and enough gunfire to catch my interest.