I mentioned HERE how Fernando Fro Reza was part of our family now and told you he did a glorious CHUD poster/wallpaper. We unleashed that HERE. But here’s the real meat of our new marriage… Every month for as long as we’re able to keep in keepin’ on, we will be saluting two films a month from history with glorious and beautiful posters that should get your gears turning real nice. What qualifies for a CHUD SALUTES honor? It’s a weird combination. Some of these will be great movies. Some will be horrible movies. Some unsung classics. Some pretty obvious flicks. The end result is that when this man graces them with his eye, they’re all unified in their delightfulness. Our first choice was Midnight Run, and Fernando aced it. Our second choice was The Manitou and it is glorious. Our third was Nighthawks and it was a delight. The fourth one featured not one but TWO amazing posters for The Thing and they were astounding. The fifth was the delightful Jackie Brown. The sixth was the delightful mutant bear romp Prophecy. We followed with The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Then, the delightful An American Werewolf in London one. Then the penile enhancement known as The Black Hole.

I am proud to present my ntenth selection. Godzilla vs. Biollante, by Fernanzo Fro Reza. A great entry in a great series, and an underseen one thanks to rights issues and a lack of effort by America. One of the more conservationist entries in the series, it’s also one of the very richest Godzilla flicks.

And as always, if you order this off his site (LINK) and mention CHUD.com in the notes… you can pick ANY of his designs that aren’t yet sold out FOR FREE. Two for the price of one. That’s a good ol’ American bargain. Spread the word if you dig it:

Godzilla vs. Biollante

Art by Fernando Reza.

You can get a print of this amazing work here within the next day or so (don’t worry, the money all goes to the artist), and we would love it if you passed the word to friends and foes alike. My next choice is going to be a really out there one.