Final Destination movies are more fun than just about any horror movies being made today for one reason and one reason alone:

The hero is death.

Yeah, there are characters and a few always make it to the end and theoretically survive so they can get iced in the next one but the beauty of these movies is in watching people get taken out in the most extreme and fun ways a mainstream movie is allowed to do it. The second film for me represented one of the most wonderful "shout at the screen" films and screenings this site has ever done and I can watch the opening car crash scene over and over and over…

They’re back, and this time the pivotal death cheating takes place on a roller coaster and it’s about time. Not since Timothy Bottoms has a film chosen to make these rides into something vicious and fatal. We are due and so are a lot of people who are in line with me on the rare times I venture into a Six Flags or Disney World.

Want to see this sucker early?

Using the correct link below, including your mailing address, and with answers to the questions below, enter to win some passes!

1. Best onscreen death scene of all time? Don’t go with some poignant bit of acting. I want shocking and fun slaughter!

2. What horror franchises have gotten to a third installment without sucking?

3. What is the most odd death you’ve heard of in real life?