So the deal remains the same: I think Bellflower is pretty badass, while other people with taste as good or better than my own fucking hate it. And then some of them love it anyway.

It’s a weird film and it takes a weird trailer to capture it, and I think this one does a pretty decent job. It’s a bit more traditional, and intercuts the the action with the drama, rather than just being simple and evocative like the teaser. It’s got a good batch of music (a brief dubstep flash even), some interesting pull-quotes (not as interesting as all the shit I had to say of course, but Iguessthey’reOKsmileyface*), and overall it appropriately sells how unique and unquantifiable of an experience the film is.

The film hits theaters on August 5th, and though I imagine it will be fairly limited, I encourage you to experience this theatrically if at all possible. If the film is going to work on you, it must do so in a contained, distractionless environment with good sound and picture. Along with the car and the flamethrower and all the other home-made shit in the movie, the film was shot on a custom camera as well. It contributes to the¬†apocalyptic¬†texture of the film for sure, and it’s an impressive beast.

It’s such a badass rig, I’m told Popular Mechanics has run a story on it in their July issue, and American Cinematographer will be featuring it in August. It’s got all us film tech geeks pretty wet.

Hopefully we’ll have more about Bellflower to bring you closer to August. Till then, keep up with the Facebook page.


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*Actually, turns out one of them was written by James Rocchi and he’s a delightful dude. So that’s cool.