among you have been playing Prince of Persia games since the Olsen Twins weren’t even being stored in Mr. Olsen’s manbags? I know I have. Back in the day. The recent renaissance of the series is due to a memory of the gameplay mechanics that made those games (and classics like Out of This World and Flashback which were inspired by it) tuned to the current technological advances, not just coasting on a name brand.

The latest game is getting rave reviews, such as this summation from our own Russ Fischer:

"So you, along with the rest of Mesopotamia, thought the fightin’ darkness of Warrior Within was total trash? If so, you’d be right to be suspicious of sequel number two. But UbiSoft fixed almost everything they broke, and even if The Two Thrones can’t hope to match the stunning first release, it’s still a damn good game.

Acrobatics take precedence once again, and Ubi has pulled back the veil of darkness to let most of the action happen in some sunny tourist spots like the Tower of Babel. As if the developers tapped into the truth about Gary Coleman and Gary Cole, the prince has a dark inner self that wants to take control and has a spiky chain attached to his arm with which to do it. (Look close at Gary Cole — he’s got one, too.) Between that chain and the new stealthy speed kill system, there’s less emphasis on repetitive hacking and more on climbing through the brick and mortal of olde. Ignore the irritating voice of the dark half (it shoulda sounded like Timothy Hutton) and get busy praising the lack of Dahaka."

I have a few copies of this little wonder for the Nintendo Gamecube and for the PC. I want to send them to you. I’d assume you’d like to have them. So, without further ado, here is a contest that is going to make a few people really, REALLY happy if they win it:

Use the link below and answer all these questions in complete sentences and including your mailing address. Good luck!

1. The XBOX 360 launch is under a lot of scrutiny. I think it’s a wonderful machine and at the end of the day my happiness is more important than the ordeal in getting the machine. I see people playing the machine at stores and I think it’s one for the ages that will sink in. Especially since the PS3 and Revolution are vaporware until proven otherwise. What is your personal stance on the 360?

2. EGM recently ran a "200 Best Video Games of All Time" article. There wasn’t a single Shining Force game, no Shadowrun, no X-COM, and no Berzerk. There were at least four or five Zelda games, which made my head spin. If you were making a list of the best FIVE videogames, what would they be?

3. You may not like gay cowboys, but would you see THIS film?

4. CHUD’s a great site, right? Brag about us. We need a little reassurance.

5. Please specify if you’d want the PC or Gamecube one.