Director David Fincher is definitely back in Seven mode (and no, I refuse to put the digit in the middle, because it’s asinine) – he’s finishing up Zodiac (based on the true account of the mysterious San Francisco mass-murderer and astrology fan) and will then tell of what some consider “ America’s first true serial killer”.

Fincher and Paramount’s Torso is based on the gritty graphic novel by tireless comic scribe Brian Michael Bendis and Marc Andreyko (buy it HERE!), a semi-fictional account of a series of gruesome unsolved murders in 1935 Cleveland that were investigated by federal agent Eliot Ness in his post-Capone career.

The project has been in the works for ages (Bendis documents his endlessly frustrating Hollywood interactions in his hilarious book Fortune & Glory – buy it HERE!) but is now finally gaining momentum thanks to comic enthusiast Don Murphy and comic guys Todd McFarlane and Terry Fitzgerald, with Bill Mechanic also producing. Now if someone would just kick Bendis’ Powers onto the fast track.

Fincher (who ironically was previously attached to The Black Dahlia, another crime thriller set around an actual unsolved murder) is expected to make the reverse-aging love story The Curious Case of Benjamin Button before attempting to reassemble many grisly body pieces.