Viking projects are the proverbial rage at the moment (hey, they discovered North America first, y’know!), with lots of Norse warriors boarding their marauder ships and setting sail to pillage Hollywood.

This indie version of Beowulf & Grendel beats Robert Zemeckis’ expensive “performance capture” version of the tale (but pulls up behind the phenomenal Christopher Lambert revision), adapting the epic Old English poem about a mythic warrior dispatched to defeat a murderous creature of the night (who in this incarnation appears to be a big medieval wrestler dude).

The movie stars shaggy Scotsman Gerard Butler (currently keeping his sword sharp as the Spartan king in 300) as the titular legendary hero.  And while I don’t think this trailer is particularly impressive, the production company’s site excellently summarizes the movie as “a story of blood and beer and sweat”, and our own Russ Fischer raised a flagon of hearty mead in agreement when he caught the film at Toronto Film Fest (you can read his review HERE).