caFox has released some preview images for 2006, and there are some pictures that got me pretty excited. To the right is the new Damien from The Omen 666, a daring jump 661 films forward in that series. It’s being released on 06/06/06, and you have to wonder when they figured that date out. I like to imagine some Fox middleman playing with the calendar on his computer and having a eureka moment.

Below is a double whammy of Luke Wilson – the top picture is from Mike Judge’s Idiocracy, where dummy Wilson gets frozen for a thousand years and wakes up as the smartest man on Earth. It took forever to get a title for that movie and it STILL doesn’t have a release date. It’s been hanging out for what seems like years now.

And below that is a still from My Super Ex-Girlfriend, a comedy wherein Wilson discovers his girlfriend, Uma Thurman, happens to be a superhero.