Super 8 is already lucky to have a delightful illustrated poster that was released almost immediately before release (and Captain America now has one too), but an internet artist has now done a nice job granting the actual titular super 8mm film-within-a-film a nice poster.

I kind of like that this doesn’t go the obvious route of making it look like an outright period poster- it’s inspired by them sure, but it’s got a goofy style that captures the tone of the children’s film in its own way, and the lens flares just make it all the more fun and self-aware. It also manages to pick the funniest moments that each of the kids have in the film.

I don’t often run with these little bits of minutia, but I genuinely dig the illustration style and there’s the added bonus of a look at how the poster was made from the original blogSuper Mercado. It shows this creation actually employed some more sophisticated techniques than just banging out a sketch and coloring it. Take a look for yourself.

With things like this already popping up for the film, plus the every-so-slightly stronger than expected opening for Super 8, one wonders if the film might have actually caught the imagination of the general public in a truly Amblin-like way. Perhaps it will stick around a bit longer this summer than a blockbuster otherwise would…

Source | FilmSchoolRejects (via Awards Daily)

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