There is a God, and he has decided that a second season of The Killing would be a good thing, so sayeth TV Line.

I’ll admit that i’m smitten with the show, and I feel that it has turned the cop/murder/procedural drama completely on its head.  Focusing on the family of the victim, rather than just the police and the perps feels totally fresh.  And the melancholic tone of the show evokes a mood seldom seen on television.  I’m interested to see where they go with season 2, as the Rosie Larsen storyline of the current season should (we think?) be wrapped up neatly next week in the season finale.  If the Danish original is followed, one would imagine an entirely different case with the same detectives.

For my money, it simply does not get any better than AMC right now.  With this wrapping up next week, Breaking Bad coming back on July 17th, more Walking Dead in the fall, and Mad Men in early 2012, there is no shortage of greatness on hand for the next year.  If you aren’t watching AMC, get to a church and pray for your mortal soul.