’s no secret that we at like Guillermo del
Toro. It’s no secret that Nick is friends with the guy. But I have to
say that all of that goes out the window when it comes to talking about
his movies. I wouldn’t write anything about his films if I didn’t feel
I could be honest about it. So when I tell you that I am incredibly
excited about Pan’s Labyrinth, that’s the honest truth.

What I like best in Guillermo’s filmography are his Spanish movies – Cronos and The Devil’s Backbone are, to me, exquisite, and so the fact that Pan’s Labyrinth is another in that vein makes me so happy. Plus, I love monster films. Look, Nightbreed sucks – I can own up to that. But I also love watching the awesome, imaginative monsters of Midian.

Two new pictures have gone up at Latino Review.
One shows the movie’s politicial setting – fascist Spain – and the
other showcases one of the film’s creatures (Pan, I would assume). You
should head over there and check them out, and then get excited about
this film. If you only know Guillermo from Mimic or Hellboy, you have no idea what this guy can do. It’s like judging Soderbergh if you’ve only seen Ocean’s Twelve.