Cars has gotten a bad rap. It is pretty resoundingly the least artistically complex of Pixar’s films, but it is also so clearly aimed at younger children that I find it hard to hold that against it. If Pixar can skew towards adults (Ratatouille) then they’ve earned the right to skew towards kids too, I say. I didn’t like Cars. But I’m not 6 either. And I’ve also never been into automobiles, other than in the literal “I’ve sat in their interior” sense. My nephew loves cars and he loves Cars. Works for me.

Anyway, here is a clip of Cars 2. I’ve been curious about this sequel simply because it is drastically changing what kind of film we’re dealing with (Bond parody replacing Doc Hollywood remake). Though tonally this clip seems to indicate much will be the same — slowish pace (slow for Pixar) and mild sauce humor. Meh. I do love how Pixar always approaches their anthropomorphized characters from the perspective of the toy/car/animal instead of from merely that of contemporary human; showcased here with the talk of the Italian car’s “exposed tires.”