you go see Hostel this weekend thinking it was directed by Quentin Tarantino? I have heard some anecdotal evidence about this happening, but as always, anecdotal evidence is slightly more reliable than scrotal evidence. IE, it ain’t.

For whatever reason, people did go see Hostel over the weekend, making it the number one film in this great land of freedom and equality, to the tune of 20 million dollars, a fat return on a 5 million dollar investment. With those kinds of numbers it was obvious that Screen Gems and Lionsgate (as they’re now called) would want to have Eli Roth check back into that titular (and, as you know if you’ve seen the film, titty-ular) hostel.

Hostel 2 will be released in about a year, following the path laid by Lionsgate other successful horror franchise, Saw. Thankfully, Hostel sucked much, much less than Saw or Saw II, which means I will actually look forward – with the usual trepidation, since the story of Hostel doesn’t seem to DEMAND a sequel – to  the new gore flick.

Interestingly, if you read the two CHUD reviews of Hostel – mine and Russ’ – side by side, you’ll see that we bring up the same points and are struck by the same things in many cases. It’s just that our final take on the product is different. Wacky how opinions can be like that.