Actress Rosario Dawson might just be perfect: she’s beautiful and multitalented and otherwise gifted (by which I mean she has an extraordinary rack), and she breathed healthy life into a character from the pages of Frank Miller’s comic book Sin City. But if her turn as warrior-whore Gail wasn’t enough to satisfy comic geeks, this oughtta do it.

Dawson is taking her not inconsequential talents to the world of sequential art with her first work on the other side of the page, co-creating an upcoming comic called Occult Crimes Taskforce (which will likely then be swiftly optioned for film/television/videogames). As you might guess from the title, the book (co-written by David Atchison with art by Tony Shasteen) delves into the supernatural and follows detective Sophia Ortiz ( Dawson’s four-color counterpart) on her quest to save New York City from an unholy threat and solve the mystery of her father’s murder.

The series, due in May, comes from venturesome comic publisher Speakeasy (whose book Rocketo wound up on a couple of Thor’s top 5 lists for 2005). Meanwhile, my new girlfriend Rosario Dawson will probably be slipping into the monochromatic fishnets once again for the Sin City sequel.