Flat out: no one in Hollywood possesses the density of awesome of Peter Dinklage. Packing twice the talent and wit of most other actors and in a package half the size, Dinklage is a true acting commodity. He’s a favorite here at CHUD- actually fuck that, he may very well be the most oft-referenced actor in the history of the site. His name’s been dropped dozens of times in the CHUD Podcasts (including the last one) and we follow his career quite closely.

So today I’m very happy to extend a warm congratulations to 41-year-old Dinklage and his wife Erica Schmidt, who have announced they are expecting a child!

Dinklage is more exciting than ever as he’s lighting up the screens on Game of Thrones (or so I’m told, I’m still not up on the show), and it’s nice to hear the gentleman’s family is growing along with his acclaim. It’s also a warm thought that there will one day be a wee-Dinklage (wee’er?) running about- maybe he’ll inherit his fathers acting chops or go on to do other great things in the world, big or small.

Pete doesn’t seem to possess a twitter account (is there a 70-character microblogging service out there?), nor does his Facebook page have a wall on which to post, so you’ll just have to shout your “Congrats!” to the mountains. Don’t worry- he’ll feel it.

Source | US Magazine

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