This is kind of fun if you’ve got some spart time this weekend…

Warner Brothers is looking to get some people together to collectively bask in the emerald glow of Green Lantern’s light as the film draws near release. Recalling many of the ARG viral events for The Dark Knight, without all the fuss of following a months-long online campaign, WB will be organizing meet-ups in 11 cities for fans to come and witness a glowing lantern projected in hidden locations. The cities are…

Los Angeles, New York City, Vancouver, San Diego, Miami,Atlanta, Cleveland, Kansas City, Sacramento, St. Louis, New Orleans

To Join the Corps, fans will be invited to decipher local clues leading them to a secret location where the “Green Lantern” symbol will be projected from dusk until midnight.  Those attending the events, sponsored by Kodak, will have the chance to win fantastic prizes, including an opportunity to be among the first to see the film at local preview screenings, limited edition T-shirts, light-up “Green Lantern” rings, “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights” Blu-ray combo packs and more.  And some people who are photographed with the projected symbol behind them will have their photos posted on the movie Facebook page.

In Atlanta you need to follow this facebook page to follow the hints, and folks from other cities should keep an eye on the primary Facebook page for an idea where to look for their own clues.

I’m pretty excited for the film, so I may try and check this out depending on when and where it ends up being unveiled in Atlanta. I’ll try and nab some pictures if I do.

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