Here we are folks, I hope you enjoy this latest Friday video. Some fun experimental visual stuff going on, some new animated craziness, good talk, and Nick spoiling the daylights out of Country Strong for some reason.

The larger discussion is devoted to this weeks release: Super 8 and under the occasional shadow of a floating monolith of imagery we get into it hard. Nick and I both enjoyed it, but we were not without our reservations…

Also, there (count ’em) TWO Tremors jokes contained within. Enjoy.

Discussed in this episode…

Super 8
Saving Private Ryan
Country Strong
Crazy Heart
Ocean’s 11
Fresh Horses
Pretty In Pink
16 Candles
Interview With A Vampire
Deep Cover
Edge of Darkness

…and also: Spielberg, Jessica Tandy’s giant tits, Alyssa Milano, Dick Smith, and the Lament Configuration.

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