The trailer for Paul Greengrass’ Flight 93 has just about no footage from the actual film in it, yet it’s one of the most effective teasers I have ever seen. There’s a realness to the snippets of conversations and broadcasts you hear, and knowing the final outcome of the passengers’ last stand, that last bit – “I have to go, I love you,” is just heartbreaking. I didn’t doubt it before but after seeing this trailer I know that I will not leave the theater after seeing this movie with dry cheeks. Paul’s astonishing film Bloody Sunday left me a weeping, emotional wreck, and I think Flight 93 will do the same. Do yourself a favor and check out that film as soon as possible – it’s truly great.

Next week will see Part 2 of my exclusive talk with director Paul Greengrass, and pretty soon I am hoping to get a very personal look at this film, which I will, of course, be sharing with you guys. In Part 2 Paul talks about how involved the families of Flight 93 were. You can check out Part 1 right here.

In the meantime, click here to see this stirring teaser in Quicktime.