The Firm is a pretty fun movie. Red Stripe, Gary Busey, & Tobin Bell are a winning combination. John Grisham’s mega-selling book of lawyer’s jobs that are too good to be true was a wafer thin but engaging little ditty and rather than rehash the idea for television NBC is doing the right thing and taking the story to new places as it brings it to television.

In the original book and film, Mitchell McDeere has defeated the mob outfit that was puppeteering his law firm and escaped into the tender arms of the Feds. It wasn’t a happy ending but it was an ending.

In the new series Josh Lucas (an actor I defend on seemingly every other podcast) takes on the role of McDeere and the story begins as he leaves Witsec with his family and tries to renew his life. Of course, he’s made a lot of enemies.

I like the ass out of that concept.

A legal thriller series starring a good actor (who recently lawyered up in The Lincoln Lawyer) about a dude who is/was a lawyer and dodging the mob and whatever else after a stint in the Witness Protection Program? I’m for it. I also hope they try to make it a canon continuation and the opening credits show them stretching and WASPing Tom Cruise into Josh Lucas and turning nightmare bag Jeanne Tripplehorn into whatever hot actress they cast to star alongside Stealth.

It’s a Midseason pickup for NBC so expect it midseason. Whenever the hell that is.