People called me crazy when I stated that Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was better than the latest Call of Duty, but it seems that everyone’s starting to come around on that point. DICE simply makes an amazing shooter, and knows that the right combination of strong campaign and team-based multiplayer makes for the perfect package.

Battlefield 3 was already looking great, but the videos coming out of E3 this week are astonishing. DICE is being incredibly smart here- they know that showing actual gameplay is way more impressive than some loud and crazy cutscenes (ahem, Modern Warfare 3) and they’re cramming our eyesockets full of that good stuff.

First up is a look at some tank combat, which shows that famous destruction quite nicely.

If you’re wondering what exactly DICE’s new Frostbite 2 engine is up to, this trailer will demonstrate what they focused on and how this will be one of the best-looking shooters ever made. (Crysis 2, are you going to take that?)

Finally, feast your eyes on this multiplayer trailer, set in and around a subway system.

Battlefield 3 hits stores October 25th.