Colin Firth and James Franco were being considered for the lead of Park Chan-wook’s Stoker, but Variety is reporting that the smartest man on the planet will fill the role instead.

That man? Matthew Goode of course, the actor probably best known for his portrayal of Ozymandias in Watchmen. He joins a cast which already stars Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) and Nicole Kidman. Wasikowska will star as a teenage girl named India Stoker who is mourning the death of her father when her mysterious uncle (Goode) arrives unexpectedly. Weird things start to happen- vampirish things, hence the title.

Tony and Ridley Scott are producing the film, and Prison Break star Wentworth Miller penned the script under the pseudonym Ted Foulke. Fox Searchlight is already all set to distribute.

Now of course this film is Park Chan-wook’s first English language film, so it should by all rights be huge. Let’s hope that Hollywood doesn’t ruin him. Watch Thirst and get excited!