After a brief respite from snatching up as many comics and videogames he can find to transform into various movies, producer/geek Daniel Alter is warming up his grab-hands again, this time with a project called The Secret Drawer Society.

The story, described as "The Goonies meets The Ring", is based on a real-life phenomenon where previous guests at haunted New England inns have left behind written accounts of supernatural encounters, hidden for other occupants to find. A group of youngsters follows a series of these mysterious letters, which could lead them to an ancient treasure.

Alter and producing partner Howard Sun are working with concept creator Sharon Scott, a Disney animator turned screenwriter, on turning her script into a feature film as well as animated series and comic book (after all, as I’ve often stated, one of the only reasons the comic industry persists is to provide properties to other forms of media). Alter is also working with Vin Diesel on bringing the videogame franchise Hitman to bloody life.