Emboldened by the success of X-Men: First Class, Fox has taken another step closer to getting their Daredevil reboot off the ground.   (Stop and ponder how First Class was raced into production, for good or bad, and then how long this has taken.  I can’t believe it’s the same studio, frankly.)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brad Caleb Kane has been hired to write the screenplay for David Slade’s Daredevil.  But it won’t be any straight-up Daredevil origin story/reboot.  Kane will be adapting Frank Miller’s seminal Born Again.   You may remember this was originally bandied about as the sequel to Mark Steven Johnson’s Daredevil, but never came to be.

It’s an interesting approach, echoing what they did with First Class — acknowledge the existence of the other movie, but then move on into  new territory. Kane is apparently a huge Daredevil fan, which will undoubtedly help reinvent the character for the big screen. (Let’s hope he isn’t one of twenty screenwriters, and then we’ll get something that has some passion and loyalty to its source.)

It’s funny, isn’t it? Daredevil the series wasn’t doing so hot, so Marvel handed him to Frank Miller to play with.  Daredevil the movie character is now in a similarly lame predicament, and now it falls on a Miller storyline and a Miller fan to try and resurrect the franchise.  Can they do it?