The teaser for Pan’s Labyrinth, the next film from Guillermo del Toro, is here, and it just freaked me the fuck out.

That’s pretty impressive, since my crappy computer plays all streaming video as if it were stop motion animated by a spastic (seriously, I hate streaming video so very fucking much), and this thing still managed to give me the creeps. It’s mainly the sound design, I think – a very scary moan permeates the whole teaser.

It’s up at a French site, but the teaser itself is dialogue free (and anyway the picture’s in Spanish), and it gives us lots of glimpses into the world Guillermo has created here, in this third film in what could be see as his trilogy of fantastical Spanish films – Cronos and the classic Devil’s Backbone being the first two. It looks truly amazing, and the guy’s astonishing imagination has not been blunted at all by his time in Hollywood. Pan’s Labyrinth takes place in Fascist Spain in 1943, where a family moves in to a new house next door to a fawn’s maze. Possibly, judging by the trailer, his maze of evil.

UPDATE! Find the trailer in Quicktime here at!