first one was great. The second one was unexpected fun. Somehow I don’t feel the need to go back for thirds.

But nobody asks me about these things, so the planning for Ocean’s Thirteen is underway right now. The idea is to have a 2006 start on the film, with (Nation’s Punched contributor) Brian Koppelman and David Levien scripting. Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney are working with producer Jerry Weintraub to come up with some sort of plot for the thing.

I’ll be seeing Soderbergh’s experimental film Bubble in a few days – I understand that he needs to make hits in order to make Bubble, or The Good German, but I wish that there would be a new concept. Heck, I imagine you could gather most of that cast in any sort of story and have a pretty good hit on your hands.

Besides, thirteen’s a really unlucky number. And if the movie does poorly you’re just doing the headline writer’s work for them.