Holy Hoth, it seems like I’ve heard about this movie almost as many years as I’ve been writing for CHUD and chasing girls half my age (not necessarily associated hobbies), but 5-25-77 finally seems like it’s ready to escape the tractor beam of development hell.

The movie is a love letter to the first Star Wars, with toothy Freaks & Geeks star John Francis Daley as an aspiring filmmaker in the mid-70s considered a local outcast for his sci-fi obsession and passion for movies. Good thing society’s over that stigma!

Anyway, those cunning bastards over at Twitch (that’s a term of endearment, they’re not really bastards, at least not all of them) got their hands on the full trailer, and it looks like a retro blast of bad hair and love for practical effects. Not the most alluring title, sure, but the movie itself looks like a real treat, especially for those of us who spent their formative years infatuated with the Star Wars movies (the good, midichlorian-free ones). Check it out RIGHT HERE!