It is time, people. John Carpenter’s first feature film since Ghost of Mars has arrived. It has been ten years. And now The Ward becomes available on Video On Demand tomorrow, June 8. There will also be a limited theatrical release in July, so if you live in a major market and wish to see it on the big screen, you may want to wait. But they have yet to say in which cities it will play. If you live in NY or LA, you’re probably safe. Anywhere else you may be taking a risk waiting. Truth be told, The Ward isn’t necessarily a big screen movie. In my review I compare it, tonally and aesthetically, with a Masters of Horror episode, so it may actually play better on the small screen. Of course, not seeing it in the theater kind of defeats some of the excitement of Carpenter finally making another feature film. But such is life.

Here’s my interview with the legend himself, if you haven’t checked it out already.

If you watch The Ward, come back and let us know what you think.