It might have seemed like it, but Monday’s E3 event wasn’t┬ájust Kinect, Move, and 3D gimmickry. We also got our first look at Mass Effect 3 gameplay, as well as a few other key details about BioWare’s final mission for Commander Shepard. Here’s the Fall of Earth trailer that premiered yesterday:

Of particular note are the grenades and the new melee moves. Who’s that Mark Vanderloo-looking fellow who’s manning the turrets? Must be a new character.

If you have 20 extra bucks to blow on a single game, you can let the ME3 N7 Collector’s Edition ASSUME CONTROL of your debit card. The deluxe version touts extras like a comic book, an N7 patch, a soundtrack CD, a lithograph, a metal case, and, most importantly, an in-game robotic dog to hang out with on the Normandy. Check out the details below:

Mass Effect 3 also got an official release date of March 6, 2012.