Big Man Japan is a movie I absolutely love. Batshit crazy, utterly Japanese, and that great mix of cool/weird/adorable that makes the best kaiju so beloved. The CGI is weird and often third rate but somehow it adds to the charm. It’s one of the oddest flicks I’ve seen in a while. They could never make it in America.

But they are. With furiously fast Neal Moritz producing.

There are a few ways this idea could turn out (written by Phil Hay & Matt Manfredi of R.I.P.D. and Clash of the Titans):

1. Moritz is dumbing down and taming the idea into a big monster thing to crash the Clash and Transformers party.

2. Moritz is using his powers for good and unleashing weirdness on an unsuspecting populace.

3. It’ll be a star vehicle for some American comedian.

Either way this is an absolutely bizarre choice of project. But the original’s a blast. Buy it here from us. We get a tiny cut and your mind gets blown out your elbow.