’s time to get back to one of my favorite hobbies – tracking all the projects Steven Spielberg is attached to! When he’s actually making a movie this game is less fun, as his recent breakneck speed doesn’t give him much free time to attach himself to a gazillion projects. But now as The Beard starts taking some time off from a hectic 2005, the speculation begins anew!

The latest rumor has him remaking Mary Poppins. Yup, the Disney musical. The Independent Online has been talking to Richard Eyre, “former head of the National Theatre and director of the blockbuster West End musical based on the 1964 Disney film,” who says he has been talking to Spielberg.

"We’ve talked about it a lot. It will be hard to outdo the original, but kids love the story and I’m sure that the remake will be a real success.”

Of course, there are things to consider – besides the fact that Spielberg loves to attach himself to, and then abandon, projects, the man also produces. It’s quite possible that he could be eyeing a remake only as a producer.