xAJust when you thought that team of merry mutants in X3 had reached critical mass, and also that they had been shooting the thing for some time so they must have cast everybody by now, a new character has been added to the gumbo.

It’s Psylocke, one of those characters who became popular in the 80s and 90s because comic fans seem to have decreasing taste. I forget the whole chronology of this character’s ridiculous history, but she’s an Asian psychic ninja who used to be an Englishwoman. She’s the kind of T&A character who keeps comics – specifically superhero comics – the province of teens and sexually retarded adult men. I am sure this will get me some angry emails, almost certainly from the sexually retarded adult men.

There had been a rumor about this character floating around for some time, but it’s now been confirmed by the Hollywood Reporter. Actress Mei Melancon, a Filipina, will be playing the role. She previously appeared in Rush Hour 2.