Just- just watch.

This is Bangkok Knockout, aka BKO: Bangkok Knockout. This movie was directed by Panna Rittikrai, the Thai stuntman who Tony Jaa studied under. Rittikrai’s stunt team is known as one of the best and the absolute craziest in the world, and Bangkok Knockout is proof of this. The movie itself is inane stuff- the plot throwaway, the actors terrible- but you won’t care a bit because you won’t be able to stop screaming out obscenities at the ridiculous stunts on display. I wasn’t, anyway.

The movie will have its New York premiere at the New York Asian Film Fest in July. Keep an eye here for a full review and screening details!

Everyone else- Magnet has picked up the film, so hope for the usual limited theatrical/VOD/Home Video release from them. So happy they snatched this one up, because it really will reinstill your faith in Thai martial arts flicks.