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When you’re going to be traveling across the entire country, or in this case across an entire state that’s as big as a country, you’ve got to have good art to match it. The Alamo Drafthouse Rolling Roadshow tends to take on that challenge with aplomb. Last year Olly Moss kicked everyone’s ass with a beautiful set of posters for the series that included films like Jackie Brown, The Godfather II and There Will Be Blood (it’s a set I’m very enthusiastic about, as you can see at the bottom of the article). This year the roadshow has decided to keep it big in Texas, with an amazing list of films that will be played in beautiful, creepy, or just plain awesome locations all across the state. They’ll be represented by a seriously stripped down set of posters from Jason Munn, which have just debuted this morning via Apple.

Blood Simple and Texas Chainsaw are definitely my favorites, even if the series overall doesn’t rock me sideways. These are very spare, going for the clever graphic arrangement of imagery that is so popular, but I must say I’m inclined to appreciate Moss’ subtle texture a bit more than the super vector-looking work. They’re still a lot of fun though. Any of them that you like enough to try and pick up?

You can find more info about the series here, and check out trailers for each film here.

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I mentioned above that I really dig Olly’s set from last year, and I mean it. Just recently I’ve been able to put together my dream set-up… a screenprint of the There Will Be Blood design (my absolute favorite of the set), flanked by the postcard prints of the whole series.