Once again I am on nights so I offer up a slightly shorter than normal blog…

Dr Who,  Sherlock and Jekyll. Three amazing series written by one man who quite rightly gets a lot of praise. However most of us in the UK became familiar with the name Stephen Moffat a long time ago, and for very good reason.  You see he has been writing some of the best in UK television for many many years.

I first became aware of him through the TV show Press Gang.  My school boy crush on Julia Sawalha is what drew me to the show but I soon became aware of the fact that it was actually pretty good.  What was a very basic premise (teens run a school newspaper, expose corrupt grownups) worked because of the sharp dialog and well written scripts.  So more often than not I would find myself watching it. *

But for me what sealed the deal was his later show Coupling.  What at first glance could be mistaken for a UK version of Friends is in fact a far superiour product which I dare you not to love. Aside from being a sharp and well written sitcom about realtionships and dating it is an early look into Moffat’s nerd tendancies.  For example the lead charater Steve Taylor is named after a Doctor Who companion and one of the charaters runs a sciene fiction store.  I strongly urge you to seek out this show and watch it ,  you will not be dissapointed.

All of this is why more than the names Spielberg, Wright and Cornish I am looking forward to the new Tintin movie.  Moffat is, in my opinion one of the best british writers we have and anything he is involved in is worth a look.

So Mr Moffat – for this reason I salute you.


*Fun Fact:  There are huge Press Gang fan clubs out their with fans just as devoted as Dr Who’s.  You know who you are 🙂