If anything this summer qualifies as an event film, this is it. Not because it’s the biggest and most bombastic or because it’s going to sell the most toys. Because it defines what an event film is in the first place.

An unknown exciting commodity from people you can count on. Steven Spielberg practically invented the summer movie season, or rather at least perfected it. J.J. Abrams knows exactly what strings to pull and how to effectively tease his products to the point of making them unmissable. And personally I love the track records of both of these dudes.

Super 8. An old school event flick. Is it an alien? A monster? Some sort of experiment gone bad? All of the above?

Who cares? The bottom line is that we have a flick about to arrive that features kids in peril, something mysterious laying siege on a town, authorities laying down the rhetoric, lens flares, and many possibilities for movie magic.

You want to be there, and if you read this site and live in one of the cities below we’re going to try and get you there early and for free. Because we love most of you. Watch the trailer and then follow the rules below:

Pay attention to RED.

So, using the link that corresponds to your city (it’s important that you use the link as it creates a subject line I can filter in my email), follow these three very simple instructions and if chosen you’ll get a code to print a pass for you to see the flick early:

1. FACEBOOK LIKE this article and then on your Facebook book page say in the description “I want to see this early thanks to the folks at CHUD.com (Cinematic Happenings Under Development)!”. If you don’t have Facebook, use Twitter. If you have neither, your staunch ways override common sense. I’m not judging you, but this makes the world go ’round.

2. Hop on over to GUY.com’s Facebook page and LIKE it. If you’ve already done it, just share a link on your Facebook page of a recent article.

3. Regardless of what city you’re in, help corral a group of Chewers or potential Chewers to get passes as well. In some of the cities we rarely do we often have trouble rousing folks. Share the thing with 5 folks you live in your town. We need the support, and I’d bet you’d rather have people you like sitting in there with you than strangers who smell funny and got their tickets from some other outlet.

Simple. Now, have at it and good luck! I’ll be sending out codes this coming Sunday.

Regal Atlantic Station

Rave Lee Branch

Regal Palmetto Grande

Regal Stonecrest

Rave East Ridge

Grande Theatre-Four Seasons

Greenville (SC)
Great Escape Simpsonville

Regal Pinnacle

Malco Paradiso

Hollywood Stadium 18

Carmike 15